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From data to insights to action, build your mobility intelligence and tools in order to drive operational and planning decisions.

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15,000+tons of CO2 offset

Analyze, design and optimize mobility systems & fleets

Customisable and user friendly mobility analytics dashboard

As cities grow denser and mobility complexifies, making better decisions faster is what sets great cities to live in or mobility services people want to use. Mobility providers, cities and other mobility practitioners use our mobility intelligence platform daily to achieve their goals.


A large ecosystem of data partners within a transparent and secure data sharing platform

Unlock the power of real-time mobility data to build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods. Whether you are looking to better orchestrate mobility or increase the usage of your fleets, our Data Exchange provides you with the most precise data for your ambitious challenges.

Thoughtful leadership on data privacy

We are the first privacy by design mobility intelligence solution. Get peace of mind with our strong security systems and trusted partners. We keep data compliance at its core thanks to our end-to-end data privacy and security principles.

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An expert team of data scientists and traffic engineers to fast track your projects

Our team has distilled over a decade of best practices across industries. In a matter of minutes, we'll enable you to deploy a complex architecture, that is interoperable and can support multidisciplinary teams. Our mobility and data experts will help you fulfil your use cases and bridge the divide between fleets operators and street managers.

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