Managing city streets in the era of on-demand mobility

Vianova's data platform enables better integration and collaboration between cities and connected transportation services.

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Multiple partners across cities and operators trust our platform

Make better decisions thanks to better data insights

Visualise the daily transportation picture of your city and monitor all mobility services' activity in one place.

Data Visualization

Visualize in real-time, anonymized locations of vehicles in the city, as well as operators' deployments.

Activity Monitoring

Monitor the evolution of fleets sizes, services utilisation and number of trips, by providers.

Control Tower

Receive alerts for safety hazards and send service request.

Shaping mobility policies, improving citizens' lives

Digitally identify and inform new transit needs vs existing infrastructure; ensure regulations compliance.

Geospatial Modeling

Dynamically assign, customize, and implement geo-fenced policies with multiple rules - e.g. parking, riding, speed, distribution, etc.

Policy Playbook

Digitally publish, amend and manage policies toward providers.

Smart Tracking

Monitor compliance in regard to policies thanks to shared performance metrics.

New transport paradigm made easy for cities

Along with the benefits of micro-mobility and other mobility solutions, cities face growing challenges as they integrate new and fast-developing modes of transportation. Vianova is building the digital layer between cities and operators to foster collaboration, and facilitate modal shift toward more sustainable and accessible modes of transport. Vianova helps cities digest and make good use of complex mobility data.

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A passionate team of experts

Our team draws from backgrounds in data and mobility at some of the world's top tech companies and startups. We are proudly international, with team members from the UK, France, India, etc. We are keen on making cities smarter and more sustainable, thanks to the right technology stacks, tools and vision.

Creating trust in mobility data

Communication and collaboration between cities and new mobility services is key, in order to accelerate ecological transition and foster more sustainable consumer behaviours on the public right of way.


At Vianova we take personal privacy very seriously and proceed with care when processing data. We only process vehicles' information; there is no identifiers for the individuals using the vehicles that are ever collected, stored, used or combined.


Vianova platform handles fully-integrated pipelines of multiple data sets including ridership, origin-destination data, custom GIS layers, and more. We support open data standards - MDS, GBFS, GTFS - ensuring interoperability with other systems.


Cities and partners trust Vianova with their data. Transportation data can be highly sensitive, therefore we have deployed industry best practices and adequate protocols for safeguarding data. We are GDPR compliant.

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Join our global cohort of cities and get access to a better way to manage your public right of way.

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