The platform for cities and operators to build the future of mobility

Vianova uses connected vehicles data to help cities and mobility operators build more efficient and sustainable transport systems

Multiple cities across the world are partnering with us

Better integrate new mobility with data insights and supervision tools

Understand, audit and regulate

Control & Management

Visualize in real-time anonymized locations of vehicles, get alerted for events and infringements, communicate with mobility operators

Analytics & Planification

Monitor the evolution of fleets sizes, services usage by vehicle types and plan new infrastructures accordingly

Audit & Regulation

Easily create regulations and verify mobility operators compliance

Use mobility data to create new services and generate value

Accurate, audited and legal data

+50 Mobility Data Connectors

Instantly access, integrate and share reliable mobility data streams from multiple sources within a self-service catalog

Custom Mobility Intelligence

Easily retrieve historical data and insights within your own tools to perform customized computations

Real Time Data for MaaS Initiatives

Use the power of real time data to easily and securely provide efficient mobility services to your users

Reshape public space, improve citizens' lives

Digitally map and orchestrate the curb

Curb Mapping

Easily visualize and organize your curb within a single interactive map interface

Curb Planning

Analyze, measure and optimize curb usage by day, time, and vehicle type

Curb Compliance

Create and evaluate curb policies according to parking, loading or delivery capacity, as well as pricing

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Join our global cohort of cities and mobility operators using Vianova tools to make mobility safer and more sustainable in the public space

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Open Source Technologies
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