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Professional Services

Your partner for success

Together with our team you can build successful solutions that solve your mobility challenges.

Our NPS score in 2022
The gold standard customer experience metric that measures customer loyalty. Do we need to say more?
Data integration
The platform configuration and basic use cases are delivered within 4 weeks as standard, getting you up to speed.
Active users
On average connecting to the platform every working day. You will be in good company!

Our Customer Success Program

Partnering with you for lasting success

We have developed a comprehensive Customer Success programme to ensure that you derive optimal value from our solutions along your customer journey: from onboarding to go live and beyond.

Continuous customer engagement

Our team of experienced and dedicated Customer Success Managers will pro-actively organise regular meetings with you to drive strategic objectives and deliver operational results.


of all standard data, coordinating directly with the data providers on your behalf


of your user experience on our intelligence platform, configuring the features to your requirements


integration of alternative types of data format


feature development and solutions delivery management


project management framework to reduce onboarding time-to-value


training sessions for your users, based on their roles and use cases


training your users directly via the Vianova Academy and get them up to speed independently


discussion during the onboarding phase to understand your operational context and strategic objectives


of a plan defining the success criteria and the milestones to achieve these objectives

Driving and monitoring

the progress and achievement of your success plan during dedicated business review meetings

Join more than 100 happy clients of Vianova

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Lets talk! We are excited to hear how we can help you solve your mobility challenges.


Vianova SAS
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Paris, 37 Avenue Trudaine 75009

US Office:

Vianova LLC
8 The Green STE R,
Dover, DE 19901,
United States of America
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