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Lets make mobility better together

We are all about win-win situations, partnerships and collaboration. Check out what we have achieved with our partners in the past and get in touch in order to collaborate with us.

Partnership Categories

Data Partnership

Share or monetise your data through the Vianova Data Exchange. Whether you are a IoT startup or a large car manufacturer, we secure and accelerate the distribution of your data & insights.

Tech Partnerships

Enable innovative technologies to be used for impactful objectives, developing more sustainable cities and protecting the environment.

Consultancies, IT
integrators & Distributors

Support more use cases with enriched data insights, win more business and improve clients' relationships.

How can we work together

Vianova works on win-win relationships, building-up long term value for its clients, employees and commercial partners. Check out some selected projects that we realised together with the following companies.

Accelerating parking compliance and rider safety through Vianova intelligence platform & ecosystem
Drover's strategic partnership with Vianova has been instrumental in providing actionable data to cities, such as in our joint project in Helsinki. The granular telemetry data harvested from Drover's Path Pilot AI technology is the perfect use case for Vianova's mapping and analytics platform, enabling policy makers & planners to visualize how micromobility riders interact with the built environment, and to make decisions on future infrastructure improvements.
Scott Shepard
Head of Policy & Government Affairs (Drover AI)
Distributing road safety insights and other telematics data to 100+ cities
Demand for deliveries is only increasing in cities. By using Vianova’s mobility data platform, we hope to draw insights and analytics that can help our clients and city officials to make better decisions and help create healthier cities.
Veronique Le Duff
Senior Business Developer for Europe at MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence
Powering Vianova cloud infrastructure & services in Europe, United States and the Middle East
Our platform is fully taking advantages of the AWS Serverless services such as Lambda functions and Aurora PGSQL. Our unique architecture is able to run 1000+ API calls in parallel to call and ingest partners data without bothering on the provisioning and management of resources. We can adapt our infrastructure to our client usage while focusing on value creation and not infrastructure management. With our CI/CD pipelines we can also securely deploy new features and capabilities multiples times per week in a secure and seamless way by using AWS API Gateway and Cloudfront.
Frederic Robinet
Co-Founder & CTO of Vianova

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