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Use Case

Logistics & Curbside Management

Plan, manage and regulate curb-sides, to improve compliance of last miles delivery vehicles, reduce congestion and build more flexible & multimodal streets.

Better deliveries for smarter cities

Our advanced solution aims to solve the most pressing curb management challenges. Whether it is reducing carbon emissions from last-mile deliveries, reducing air pollution, or minimizing congestion.
the effectiveness of existing delivery infrastructure and plan new locations
the freight network with insights for electrification and conversion to cargo bike delivery
new freight corridors based on the movements of delivery vans and trucks
communication between logistics companies and the city to reduce congestion

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At RATP, we aim to leverage our expertise and unique presence on urban territories to respond to cities’ challenges. By using technology, we can produce insights on the dynamics of the city. Working with Vianova enables us to analyze and visualize data in an impactful way, revealing insightful patterns of mobility and curb usage.
Pauline Baudry
Urban Ecosystem Program Manager at RATP
Success Story
Explore how Paris used our platform to enhance logistics management, optimize parking usage, and improve traffic flows through Telematics Data from our Partner BMS
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