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Intelligence Platform Plan

Access to our geo-analytics software to stream, aggregate, visualise and get alerted on any historical & real-time mobility data

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1 User
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Self Service
The plan for smaller cities and growing enterprises. Packed with lots of power to tackle your most pressing projects with an easy to use interface.
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5 Users
3 Data Sources
10.000 Geographies
Standard Package Support
Online Training & Support
Our most popular plan for big cities and large organizations that also want a dedicated success plan for their project.  
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20 Users
10 Data Sources
100.000 Geographies
Premium Package Support & Success Plan
Data analytics on steroids. The most powerful package on the market to solve the most complex mobility challenges.
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50 Users
30 Data Sources
1.000.000 Geographies
Elite Package Support & Success Plan
Dedicated Cloud Instance

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Data Products

Access our data insights, packaged for your needs.
Or simply bring your own.
Access our data insights, packaged for your needs. Or simply bring your own.
Shared Mobility Data
Road Safety Data
Curb Usage Data
Traffic & Speed Data
tracking Data
Our Data Partners
Bring your own Data
Last Mile Delivery

Step 3: Identify the

Professional Services for your needs

We offer a wide range of professional services to customize our product experience to your needs. Together we help you ensure long term success on all levels. Let talk!

Access our data insights, packaged for your needs. Or simply bring your own.
Data Integration
Project Management
Advisory & Audit

Step 5: 
Explore our Data Exchange

Stream your own data as part of your plan and/or access 1000+ data sources. Did you know that you can also list and monetise your own data products?

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Our Unique Value Offering

What makes us different? The agility of a startup combined with the reliability and security of an established software company.
And the of course the most sophisticated product on the market.
Interactive filtering, querying & contextualization of multiple data sources for a wide range of use cases.
Siloed data analytics
Future-proofed platform, ingestion of novel data sets
Rigid interface
Customizable interface - build your own apps, bring your own data
Siloed data, one dataset & analysis at a time
Advanced automation and alerts
Limited analytical functionalities
Multiple use cases and data sets in a single environment
Time-consuming manual workflows
SOC2 certified, GDPR compliant
Superfluous data privacy understanding & implementation
1000 tested data sources available
Fractionated and unreviewed data

Frequently asked questions

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What is your position on Data Security, Data Privacy and GDPR compliance?
Where are your servers located?
Can I personalise the platform to my specifications and my own use case?
Can I bring my own data?
How soon can I use the platform after the project has started?
Can I see where vehicles are going in real time?

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Let's partner up!
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