Share, discover and access a wide range of mobility data

The Vianova Data Exchange brings together data producers and consumers, in a safe and simple exchange. Unlock the power of our Data Products for smarter urban planning and transportation solutions.

A unique Data Exchange
with 1000+ Mobility Sources

Enrich your insights
and explore additional use cases by combining your data with multiple new data sources through our catalog
Browse and pick
dynamic and reliable data streams from numerous sources
Build, distribute and monetise
your own data products through the Vianova ecosystem

Data Categories

We offer you a wide range of Data Products within the following categories.

To discover all Data Products currently on offer, please scroll through below.
Shared Mobility
Logistics & Curb
Traffic & Road Safety

A new revenue model for data producers

Reduce time to access data & complexity of licensing
Ready to query data & easy integration to our intelligence platform
Quality-proof data, verified by our in-house data scientists

End-to-end data privacy, security and data sovereignty

We are the first - privacy by design - mobility operating system. Get peace of mind with our strong security systems, trusted partners and GDPR compliance.

Are you a data producer?

Monetise your mobility data and distribute it to a variety of public sector and enterprise customers to create new revenue streams.
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Build New Revenue Streams
Monetize and share your
mobility data
GDPR Compliance
Aggregated anonymized data for enhanced data privacy & security
Industry Expertise
Rely on our team to serve your use cases successfully
Benefit from our large client and partner network

Meet our Data Specialist, Shreyas Aithal

"No matter if you are a data producer or you are looking for specific data sets to enhance your business - at Vianova we can help you leverage it with a number of possibilities. Book a meeting with me to talk about how we can work together!"

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