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Use Case

Shared Mobility Management

Our solutions helps you regulate mobility services like shared micro-mobility or taxis, verify compliance to city policies and manage the use of the public space.

Powerful Possibilities

Explore what our product can do for this particularly use case
Gain insights into key program indicators. Evaluate mode, operator, and geographic performance for program effectiveness.
Enforce policies, impose fees, and communicate directly with operators to ensure parking and riding compliance.
New cyclepaths and mobility hubs based on unique and comprehensive insights
Maximize decarbonization potential and connect to public transport by optimizing vehicle locations. Integrate shared mobility into a comprehensive mobility-as-a-service solution

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With the help of the Vianova platform, we are now able to visualize and analyze the usage data of all micro-mobility vehicles active in Berlin at the highest technical level.
Manja Schreiner
Berlin Senator for Transport and Mobility
Success Story
Find out how the city of Brussels improved parking compliances, build new cycling lanes and geofenced policy zones through the Vianova Intelligence Platform.
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