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Transforming Road Safety in the USA: Our Approach to Winning and Implementing SS4A Grants

Discover how Vianova can be your strategic ally in securing SS4A grants and implementing impactful initiatives that prioritize safety across diverse geographic areas.

Julius Niehus
Feb 12, 2024

The “Safer Streets for All” Road Safety Grant by the Department of Transportation of the United States (U.S. DOT) is a crucial initiative aimed at improving and promoting safety on the nation's roadways.
Let's dive in.

Our world is currently stuck in a traffic safety crisis, as every 23 seconds a human dies in a crash and each year, millions more get injured. Cities and traffic planners are relying on outdated methods to work on this issue, not bringing us closer to "Vision Zero", the mission to end traffic casualties by 2030.

Systemic change is needed, and the USA has created a country-wide grant campaign to achieve this goal. The mission is to structurally plan and reform infrastructure and create new strategies with the help of modern technology to protect all road users.

One notable aspect of this grant is its comprehensive approach, which includes funding for both the planning and implementation phases. The grant recognizes that successful road safety programs require careful preparation, strategic planning, and effective execution. By allocating resources for planning, the grant allows states and local agencies to assess their specific road safety needs, analyze traffic patterns, and identify areas with high accident rates. This planning phase enables the development of evidence-based strategies tailored to address the unique challenges faced by each region.

Equally significant is the funding provided for the implementation of road safety measures and road design. This financial support ensures that well-thought-out plans and systemic strategies can be implemented, leading to the installation of safety infrastructure, deployment of public awareness campaigns, and implementation of enforcement measures. Whether installing traffic calming measures, improving road signage, or enhancing law enforcement efforts, the grant's commitment to funding both the planning and implementation stages underscores its dedication to creating a safer and more secure transportation environment for all road users. This dual-faceted funding approach aims to maximize the effectiveness of road safety initiatives and contribute to the overall reduction of accidents and fatalities on American roads.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law presents an unprecedented opportunity for US communities to enhance road safety through the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) program. Discover how Vianova can be your strategic ally in securing SS4A grants and implementing impactful initiatives that prioritize safety across diverse geographic areas.

In the realm of traffic safety and sustainable urban planning, the Vision Zero program and the Safe Streets for All (SS4A) grants share a symbiotic relationship aimed at fostering safer and more pedestrian-friendly communities. Vision Zero, a global initiative, centers on the ambitious goal of eliminating traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries. Complementing this vision, SS4A grants serve as a crucial catalyst by providing financial support to municipalities and local organizations striving to implement innovative safety measures.

A Modern Approach to Road Safety

In the past, road safety work in most countries was dependent on historical police data from crashes and the actions that followed from it. Nowadays, through telematics data from all kinds of vehicles and vulnerable road users, we can move to a risk-based proactive approach. Within this new methodology, we aggregate data and calculate a risk score for each street segment and intersection. Through this, we can analyse the individual situation and give recommendations to make roads safer even before fatalities occur.

A modern approach...

Discover how Vianova can be your strategic ally in securing SS4A grants and implementing impactful initiatives that prioritize safety across diverse geographic areas.

What the USDOT asks for:

1. Promoting Safety with Data-Driven Insights:

  • Vianova's Risk Aware tool provides a unique approach to visualizing and analyzing data. This aids in prioritizing interventions to prevent fatalities and serious injuries on public roadways.

Vianova's Road Safety Solution

Explore our Zurich case study for a glimpse into how we've supported one of Europe's most innovative cities in improving road safety (Read Case Study).

2. Low-Cost, High-Impact Strategies with Connected Vehicle Data:

  • Utilizing connected vehicle data, alongside other forms of data collection, offers a cost-effective solution for historical analysis and project monitoring.
  • Identify risk behaviors for cars, bikes, and pedestrians, gaining a comprehensive view to prioritize and implement effective road safety interventions.
  • Download our Whitepaper for more insights.

3. Equitable Investment for Underserved Communities:

  • Vianova's analytical tools support custom metrics, ensuring equitable prioritization of road interventions.
  • Incorporate community equity mapping and socioeconomic data into safety scoring for targeted and inclusive safety improvements.

4. Evidence-Based Projects and Innovative Technologies:

  • Gain a global perspective with Vianova's approach to road safety, incorporating evidence-based projects and innovative technologies.
  • Stay tuned for our upcoming white paper on monitoring significant road safety projects globally with Transport for London.

5. Engagement with Stakeholders:

  • Our team provides compelling visuals and analysis, supporting your engagement with both public and private stakeholders.
  • Explore the capabilities of our platform and professional expertise to make a persuasive case to elected officials. Discover Our Solutions.

6. Aligning with Department Goals:

  • Vianova's Risk Aware solution aligns seamlessly with the Department's mission and strategic goals, including safety, climate change, equity, and workforce development.
  • Visit our solutions page on the website to explore how our holistic approach addresses sustainability, mobility management, and infrastructure management 

How We Can Help

Whether you're applying for a Planning and Demonstration Award, kickstarting your plan, or implementing and monitoring results, Vianova is eager to help you achieve your road safety objectives.

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and see how Vianova's solutions can support your SS4A application. Let's transform your community's streets for the better.

Contact Us About Partnering and learn more about how we can assist your application process.

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