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Blog Post

Joining Mobility Data Space and supporting the growth of the mobility ecosystem

Iris Fernandez
Dec 19, 2023

From the beginning, our aim as a business is to enable a future where urban transport becomes safer, connected, and more sustainable. The key to achieving this goal is working with mobility partners across the world. 

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we have joined Mobility Data Space, an international ecosystem of public and private mobility industry participants, alongside the likes of BMW, Deutsche Bahn, and Volkswagen Group to unlock the potential of mobility data and support the green transformation. 

Critical data sharing for safer, sustainable mobility

Mobility Data Space was founded as an open decentralized ecosystem, allowing mobility data providers to share data, keep control, and link existing mobility data platforms. This is particularly important in the mobility space because the rise of connected vehicles and IoT means it’s now possible to analyze and derive insights from how millions of vehicles are currently operating on the roads. When it comes to improving key areas of transport, such as safety and sustainability, it is possible to apply that data to see where improvements can be made. For example, improving the uptake of shared and electric mobility to reduce the environmental impact of the transport sector or in order to understand where speed reductions can be implemented to improve road safety. 

Yet, often all this data siloed is between organizations, making it difficult for mobility decision-makers to have the evidence and context they need to make effective interventions. Initiatives like MDS are making it easier for public organizations and private companies to share and license data with one another. 

What does this mean for Vianova? 

For Vianova, working with MDS means we can share and license data from other participants. Given the high number of German-based partners, including car manufacturers and suppliers, we could use this data to fuel our Risk Aware algorithm in Germany and the world. 

Our solution uses data from a variety of sources to work out a ‘Street Smarts Score’ focused on factors such as intensity and frequency of overspeeding, as well as heavy braking. Transport professionals can use the tool to create appropriate interventions for dangerous roads to support vulnerable road users. Data from these kinds of providers is critical to keep the algorithm up to date and drive informed decisions. 

Doubling down on Germany 

The collaboration with MDS marks another milestone in our mission to improve mobility data collaboration across Germany. Earlier this year, Vianova was selected by Germany’s public transport operator BVG to transform e-scooter parking in Berlin. BVG is using Vianova’s platform to plan parking zones and mobility hubs across the capital. In particular, under this partnership, data from e-scooters and car-sharing operators are being used for the first time in Germany to better link public transport and shared mobility.

Further, in November, it was announced that Vianova was selected by the City of Berlin’s Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment (SenUMVK) as part of a competitive tender process. Under this landmark partnership, data from Berlin’s 60,000 rental vehicles will flow into Vianova - being the first time that data from all of Berlin’s shared mobility fleets will be aggregated to offer analysis of historical trends, as well as allow key decision-makers to respond to real-time insights. 

The intelligence derived from this data will be used to inform urban policies and enable efficient real-time governance including improved planning for infrastructure and improved collaboration with operations in the event of parking violations. All this will contribute to improvements in the cityscape and lead to a better, more sustainable multimodal mobility system across Berlin. 

Big data will continue to drive new developments and opportunities in the mobility space for the next few years and working with organizations like MDS is going to be key to achieving this. We are looking forward to this collaboration and are excited to see how together we can make the world a better place.

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