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Our Infrastructure Management Solutions for Regions and Multicities

Mobility management is a collaborative effort. Whether it is transport associations managing public transport and last-mile mobility work across different cities; or municipalities, state police forces, and infrastructure developers working together to make roads safer - interagency cooperation is critical to achieving success. Dive into Vianova’s techniques for supporting complex regional mobility management in this brand new case study.

Iris Fernandez
Apr 23, 2024
Vianova's mobility analytics platform has multiple functions aimed at aligning different stakeholders to ensure best practices. These practices, identified in one context, are made accessible to all relevant authorities, making key information like risk areas and mobility hubs visible to everyone involved.

Dive into Vianova’s techniques for supporting complex regional mobility management.

Co-Operative Procurement

Vianova’s mobility management tools are ideal for cooperative purchase agreements between municipalities, or managed by regional entities such as public transport associations or metropolitan planning organizations.

The platform architecture allows data and regulations to be broken down at the level of individual cities, or aggregated across:

  • Data segregation to ensure access to the right users
  • Option to white label tool
  • Option of a “regional” view to support coordination across jurisdictions
  • Direct customer success can be provided to individual municipalities or via a “user group”
  • Deploy best practice analytics approach consistently across different regions
  • Highlight and share identified trends with other cities with similar problems or other administrative levels for efficient communication

Heatmap visualisation of the entire region

VRN: Use Case

Vianova supports VRN, the public transport agency serving three million residents in the Southwest of Germany. In addition to one regional scope that provides global visibility to VRN, four of the largest cities in the region (Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen, and Kaiserslautern) maintain their own environments, set their own regulations, and monitor key results. Uniform metrics allow easy comparisons between cities. Vianova maintains direct support channels to the individual municipalities, as well as to VRN.

Intuitive Administration, Role-Based Access, and Scalable Customer Support

Building projects in Vianova can start with an umbrella scope, like a state or region, accessible to the central administration. Then, you can easily break it down into sub-scopes, like cities and smaller areas. With just a few clicks, you can integrate the selected data and invite the relevant colleagues to use the sub-scope.

Now the people working on the sub-scope can focus on the region of their concern yet also share best practices and important findings with the central administration to ensure efficient collaboration.

We make collaboration even more effective by giving people role-based access, meaning they can access, manipulate, or publish information based on their administrative roles. Plus, we can make individual reports available online, so top-level politicians or the public can see important trends without logging into the platform.

When allowing a large number of employees access to the software - efficiency is key to ensuring the resources of employees are used effectively.

Vianova deploys multiple strategies to ensure that:

  • Role-based access ensures everyone has only what is necessary to do their work.
  • Efficient UX design ensures that information and usability enable maximum results with minimum time spent.
  • A Knowledge Base enables employees to answer their questions when using the platform at any time so they can leverage the solution's full potential without support from the central administration.
  • Customer chat is available during working hours to ensure fast answers to questions.
  • Regular standing customer success calls enable us to provide training and answer questions that occur systematically.

Regional Benchmarking

Heatmap of the region benchmark

Vianova’s intelligence platform can be used to support quick and easy comparisons across markets. Track vehicles and trips across different communities and evaluate performance. This feature set is particularly helpful for services operating in multiple jurisdictions or for coalitions of cities that are working to manage mobility more effectively.

City of Amsterdam: Use Case

As part of its development of the City Data Specification for Mobility (CDS-M), the City of Amsterdam monitored the performance of multiple shared mobility providers throughout the whole of the Netherlands. These metrics enabled the city to benchmark itself against other cities and better understand the inter-connectedness of services in neighboring municipalities.

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