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💸 Fees, Fines, or Subsidies? Meet Vianova’s New Reporting Module!

Our industry-leading regulation tools just got even better! Our new compliance tools make sure your shared mobility operators follow the rules. Learn more in this feature deep dive.

Alexander Pazuchanics
Apr 11, 2024

We have leveraged our powerful query builder to answer important questions about fees and fines. Whether you charge operators per vehicle, per trip, or per hour parked, we’ve got a template to calculate license fees or fines for violations.The tools can also be used to support the next generation of regulations, including not only fees and fines, but subsidies for trips that support city policies around sustainability and social inclusion.

How it Works:

  1. A fee (or subsidy) per device or per trip is configured on the Vianova platform by your Customer Success Manager.
  2. Each time the fee is calculated (daily, weekly, monthly) a total is generated based on the latest data.
  3. An email is sent to the city and to (optionally) to all operators individually with the bill.

How it Works
Our Tool in Action:

The Lille Metropole in northern France contains over a million residents in 90 different municipalities.  Each of the 68 communities hosting shared mobility can set separate fee policies, creating the potential for a real headache for operators and the cities alike.  However, thanks to Vianova’s fee-calculating tools, operators have a clear understanding of how much they are required to pay and cities a transparent accounting of what they are owed.

Check out our newest success story with all the information here!

How it Helps:

  • The long term future of shared mobility requires a more sophisticated approach to operator licenses.  Our query builder tool allows for more nuanced policies that align city and operator interests.  A fee per trip?  A parking charge in the center city?  We’ve got it covered.
  • Bills can be sent directly to operators on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • No need to log into our platform, reports go directly to your inbox.

The Bigger Picture:

Our fees and fines feature is just one of a suite of tools designed to help the shared mobility manager do their job better.  See why Vianova is the global leader for enforcing shared mobility rules and regulations.

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Reach out for a demo or to get more information about how more than 100 cities around the world are using Vianova’s tools to turn mobility data into actionable insights.

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