Solutions for managing shared, on-demand transportation and much more

Better integrate shared mobility to city streets for greener living, manage curbside and public right-of-way more effectively, plan and build multimodal infrastructure for safer roads.


Orchestrate shared mobility

  • Evaluate supply and demand of mobility modes by evaluating fleets and trips KPIs

  • Better understand your city's mobility mix and usage patterns to meet your sustainability targets

  • Monitor fleets' availability and instantly communicate with operators about issues

Plan better infrastructure

  • Control in real-time parked vehicle locations and the deployments of shared mobility operators

  • Use insights to improve or plan new infrastructures:

    • Mobility hubs
    • Cycling lanes
    • Charging infrastructure


Improve road safety

  • Use our leading edge tools to design digital road rules and policies

  • Receive real-time violations and tag obstructing vehicles

  • Compile infringements daily and weekly into customized reports, and communicate them directly to fleets managers

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