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🚀 Vianova's New Intelligence Platform Gets You The Insights You Need Even Faster

We're rolling out a brand new user experience across multiple different mobility use cases. Learn more about the tool here!

Alexander Pazuchanics
Jul 1, 2024

Global Challenges in Urban Data Utilization

We talk to cities and other governments across five different continents, and we hear a lot of the same challenges. One challenge that comes up again and again is that many cities understand that they need to make more data-informed decisions, but get overwhelmed by the prospect of actually working with the data.

"Data analysis" is a skill best left to the professional data scientists, not the policymakers, planners, or program managers who are working to make the streets safer and more sustainable.

Simplifying Data Analysis with Vianova

At Vianova, our goal is to turn that data into actionable insights. The data isn't useful locked up in a CSV, and you shouldn't have to wait for a data expert, who may not necessarily understand the use case you're trying to solve.

The goal is to deliver tools that help street managers do their work faster and in ways that are enriched by real world data. In the past, cities and public agencies lacked a business intelligence tool that was designed for them- a tool that was easier to use than traditional statistical or GIS tools, but powerful enough to deliver actionable insights to policymakers and program managers. We think that's a really interesting challenge to solve for.

Revolutionizing Urban Management with our New Intelligence Platform

So for the past several months, we've started from scratch to build the interface that helps city users get value out of the data they have as quickly as possible, and across many different types of data. We call it the Vianova Intelligence Platform, or VIP.

Using a series of different apps designed for different city use cases (traffic management, logistics, active mobility management, decarbonization, etc.) the VIP is designed to make the path from "big data" to "real result" as quick as possible. We’re using a powerful analytics engine and a radically simplified dashboard to give users answers to their biggest questions:

(1) Where do I prioritize my resources?

(2) What is the detailed story of a road, intersection, or area?

(3) What is the affect of a roadway improvement or policy change?

Let's see how the VIP works in the context of our App for traffic safety planners and program managers:

Our new Road Safety App allows users to leverage historical collision data and real-time analytics to identify high-risk areas, plan effective interventions, and monitor the impact of implemented safety measures. Let's see this in more detail:

  1. Prioritization: Analyze historic collision data to identify high-risk areas, using well-known or custom clustering methods.

  1. Investigation: Use our Risk Aware data product or bring your own data to produce composite risk scores for every road, understanding the likelihood of dangerous events.

  1. Design and Implementation: Combine data from various sources to plan the most effective countermeasures for specific projects or zones.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation: Track progress of safety measures with key metrics like speed reduction, increased cycling, or fewer collisions. Easily report out the progress made on the path to safer streets.

The Bigger Picture:

Our Road Safety App is just the beginning. The flexibility of our new Intelligence Platform enables us to expand into other use cases, including Shared Mobility Management, Curb Management, Logistics Optimization, and more!

Whether it's enhancing public transportation, managing shared mobility services, or improving pedestrian safety, our Intelligence Platform will adapt to the evolving needs of modern cities.

Want to learn more?

Click here take a quick spin through the new product tour!

Or reach out for a product demo or to get more information on how 100+ cities around the world are using Vianova’s tools to turn mobility data into actionable insights. Visit our page to get in touch!

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