Solutions to boost the performance, safety and sustainability of your fleets

Improve your operations' economics, your relationships with cities and your fleets usage thanks to hyper-local decision making insights


Turn your mobility data into mobility intelligence

  • Use our insights to position your fleet in the right areas at the right time, in order to capture demand and increase your fleet utilization

  • Better understand your fleets usage thanks to powerful O/D matrix analysis and anticipate fleet rebalancing or battery swaps

  • Optimize your fleets, reduce your operations costs and increase your revenues

City data-sharing, reporting and compliance made easy

  • Manage how you share your data and create specific city reports

  • Quickly understand and visualize city regulations, as well as identify city mobility hubs for deployment

  • Verify in real-time your fleet compliance with city's regulations, in order to improve your relationship with the cities you are working with


Smart data for carbon-neutral fleets and safer streets

  • Get instant access to all your devices' status

  • Notify and collaborate with your ground ops team in order to resolve issues

  • Deploy your fleets where it would lead to maximum net CO2 savings

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