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What Vianova Can Do for Your City


Monitoring operations

  • Visualise vehicles location in real-time and historically by providers and/or types of vehicles.

  • Check the distribution of vehicles to insure an equitable service and clear sidewalks for pedestrians.

  • Control performance of the different mobility services: utilisation rate, fleets size, etc.

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  • Obtain usage patterns and seasonality with trips analysis per hour, day of the week, etc.

  • Understand parking patterns with density of vehicles per area and analyse trips and origin-destination flows.

  • Identify new infrastructure needs (cycling paths, etc.) and make better urban planning decisions.



  • Create geofenced zones in a custom way or according to city districts.

  • Setup rules for parking, speed and fleets caps per area and per time of the week.

  • Get automatic reports on fleets’ compliance to enforced rules and regulation.

  • Ensure mobility operators are meeting local policy requirements and send alerts to transgressors.


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