Managing mobility in the era of on-demand transport

Vianova's Analytics Dashboard enhances the collaboration between cities and mobility innovators and enables your organization to build its own analytics in order to thrive for performance, sustainability and safety.


Real-time fleet operations monitoring & management

  • Get instant access to all vehicles' status within a given geographical scope

  • Set your own alerts on vehicles' status or aggregated metrics

  • Easily define and/or apply geofencing rules

Slice & dice into any geography to set your own analytics

  • Whether at the neighbourhood level or across several territories, get a holistic view of supply and demand by evaluating fleets and trips KPIs

  • Build your own mobility and geospatial analytics, thanks to customized computations and visualisations

  • Answer pressing business, operational, policy or urban planning questions in a jiffy

Share insights within your organisation or with external partners

  • Compile your insights into beautiful, easily readable and sharable customized reports

  • Manage your users and permissions through a Role-Based Access Control approach

  • Rapidly make data-driven decisions thanks to built-in bilateral and instant communication tools

Utilise geo-fencing for policy communication or targeted metrics calculation

  • Design, implement, review, share and evaluate geo-fenced regulation policies

  • Analyze, measure, and improve access as well as usage at the block level in order to meet your goals

  • Model alternatives and evaluate their potential downstream effects


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