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Screenshot_Revolutionizing Logistics Management in Paris with Telematics Data.png

Revolutionizing Logistics Management in Paris with Telematics Data

  • 9,000+ loading zones effectiveness studied
  • 1 million+ loading events observed in Paris
  • 500 new loading zones spaces identified
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Road Safety Zurich screenshot.png

Creating Safer Streets for All Users with the City of Zurich

  • 28 million + data points analyzed
  • 19,000+ roads and intersections classified by relative risk quotient
  • Identified the top spots with the highest risks
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[Provider] Case Study - VOI_O.jpg

Helping Voi maintaining their compliance requirements while increasing their fleets

  • Authorized fleet growth multiplied by 2X
  • Maintaining violations per device below 0.04
  • Covering +30 cities through the Vianova platform
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[CIty] Case Study - Bruxelles_O.jpg

Improving Parking Compliance in Bruxelles and Simplifying Policy Management

  • 120 new geofenced policy zones published
  • 1,500 infringements reported & notified
  • Reduction of enforcement patrols by 30%
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[City] Case Study - Northamptonshire_O.jpg

Enhancing e-scooter safety across Northamptonshire

  • 2X the number of free floating vehicles in 6 months
  • Covering 6 towns across the County through the Vianova platform
  • Used the platform to digitally design, implement and enforce 100 No Parking Zones, 20 No Riding Zones, 30 Low Speed Zones and 140 Incentivised Parking Zone
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[City] Case Study - Zurich_O.jpg

Supporting Stadt Zurich and VBZ in Multimodal Integration and Transport Planning

  • 6 operators integrated, 5 city services accessing the platform
  • New policy bill with increased caps for mobility operators
  • 2 new cycling lanes planned & dedicated parking infrastructure
  • Feeding real-time data to VBZ MaaS Mobile App
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[City] Case Study - Helsinki_O.jpg

Providing Advanced Analytics on e-Scooter Operations in Helsinki

  • Provided in-depth seasonal ridership, vehicle rotation and POI trends analysis
  • Analyzed which transit stops are closest to popular e-scooter trip endpoints in order to support better station planning
  • Enabled better public space planning capabilities thanks to detailed sidewalk clutter analysis
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