Digitalize city streets in the era of on-demand mobility

Vianova's curbside manager enables to easily repurpose curb in order to improve safety, reduce congestion and pollution.

Curb Mapping

Easily visualize and organize the curb within a single interactive map and GIS interface. Gather information about the location of every parking meter, parking space, sign, curb marking, bollard, and bit of street furniture. Connect it to relevant parking, traffic, and land-use regulations

Curb Planning

Analyze, measure and optimize curb usage by day, time, and vehicle type. Refashion the curb as a shared-mobility transit hub. Foster more sustainable transport modes with the right space allocation as well as incentives, and decide where commercial vehicles can park to unload goods in a given neighbourhood on a given day and time.

Curb Compliance

Create and evaluate curb policies according to parking, loading or delivery capacity, as well as pricing. Reduce the cost and negative impact of congestion and pollution. Enable healthier, more complete streets thanks to enforceable digital policies and demand-based curb pricing.

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